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Welcome to Give Tanks

Give Tanks is a positive social movement with a philanthropic mission, reminding everyone who sees its graphics to be "tankful" for the little things in life! Follow our Journey, and join the Give Tanks Movement

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BMX/skatepark for Art programs in Ciudad Sandino

    This past August, Mikael, Kappes, and Mark traveled to Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua with $2,500 from our first half year of tank sales. We worked closely with active community leaders and put the money towards 3 sustainable community projects involving youth education. A more detailed description [...]


  • Hand Turkey ("Tanksgiving!" Edition)

Where in the World is Give Tanks…

Follow the guys as they travel the globe spreading Good Vibes and Giving Tanks. View the map and access detailed information on where they have visited and what they have been up to… [...]

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